There is a lot of innovation in the program for the fourth edition of Pharma, which promises to be even richer in its formula and content. In its three thousand square meters plus of exhibition space, you can see a preview of the latest news from companies specialized in the production and distribution of goods and services related to the world of health, wellness, beauty and cosmetics. 

A program rich in content 

As usual, there is no room to miss debates, discussions and meetings with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and national politics. Pharma pharmacists also offer an opportunity for professional enrichment through participation in CME courses on topics of greatest interest to the sector. An event that is renewed while keeping the formula of the last three years that has made it so successful, with over 1,500 admissions recorded in the last year and more than 70 exhibitors. 

A point of reference for the sector 

An event that proves - if proof were needed - the desire of the sector to respond to the crisis and take back the fate of pharmacy: no longer a "target" of regulatory measures and unfair taxation, but an active partner in decision-making on the path of approaching the model of the “Ministry of Health" outlined by the decrees on services. According to the tradition begun last year, we will not be able to miss the host nation, whose ambassador will be the sponsor of the event. 

Pharma, Growing with Pharmacy 

Once again, Pharmacy opens its doors to dialogue, according to a ritual that is repeated every day behind the counter, and sees the pharmacist dispense advice and pearls of wisdom as well as medicine, as our founding fathers taught us, we teach the new generations of pharmacists. 

Pharma is a moment of confrontation and a new starting point for continued growth. 

Pharma is a well-established, unique event for the south of Italy. 

Pharma, growing together 

The success of Pharma relies on a network of partnerships acquired over time that allow a wider vision and a synergistic cooperation on projects.